Guam War Claims Review Commission Act
H.R. 308 (Public Law 107-333)

Samuel B. Moody Bataan Death March Compensation Act
H.R. 963

United States Prisoner of War Bill
To preserve certain actions in Federal court brought by members of the United States Armed Forces held as POWs by Japan during World War II against Japanese nationals seeking compensation for mistreatment or failure to pay wages in connection with labor performed in Japan to the benefit of the Japanese nationals.
H.R. 1198    S. 1154

Regarding the maltreatment of United States civilian prisoners captured by the Axis Powers during World War II.
H.Res. 102

Congressional call for the Government of Japan to formally issue a clear and unambiguous apology for the sexual enslavement of young women during colonial occupation of Asia and WWII, known to the world as `comfort women.’
H.Con.Res. 195

POW Assistance Act of 2001
To assist US veterans who were treated as slave laborers while held as POWs by Japan during World War II.
S. 1272

United States Prisoners of War Bill
To authorize the payment of compensation to members of the Armed Forces and civilian employees of the United States who performed slave labor for Japan during World War II, or the surviving spouses of such members.
S. 1302    H.R. 2835