News Articles

2010 August – PM Kan ‘apologizes’ for Colonial Rule, Korean Response is mild

2012 August — Abe lays out agenda if LDP returns to power that a review of the Kono Statement is necessary

2013 February – US lawmakers caution PM Abe on ‘comfort women’ apology issue

2013 April — Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto states that comfort women were “necessary”

2013 May — Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto clarifies remarks on comfort women

2013 August — Dennis Halpin (Visiting scholar at US-Korea Institute of SAIS) writes a brief titled, “MacArthur Document Reports Imperial Japanese Military’s ‘Sanction’ of Comfort Women Brothels”

2014 January — NHK Chief’s controversial remarks on comfort women

2014 February — Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says that the Kono Statement must be reviewed

2014 March — PM Abe says that he will not review the Kono Statement

2014 March – US Congressman tells Japan not to re-examine 1993 Kono Statement

2014 April – South Korea and Japan begin dialogue on comfort women

2014 April — Senior Japanese, Korean diplomats plan sex slave talks in Tokyo

2014 April – Much ado about ‘fluid prejudice’

2014 May – Japan, South Korea stay divided on history

2014 May – Japan reviews 1993 ‘comfort women’ statement, has no plans to revise

2014 June – Former ‘comfort women’ join activists in demanding Japanese gov’t apology and compensation

2014 June – Former ‘comfort women’ submit documents to PM Abe, demand official apology

2014 October – Abe: No plan right now to replace Kono statement

Opinion Based Articles

2014 May – Fictions aimed at milking Japan (Letter to the editor)

2014 May (7th) – Time to move on, rebuild ties (Op-Ed)

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