Samuel B. Moody Bataan Death March Compensation Act
H.R. 595

Wartime Parity and Justice Act of 2003
To allow certain individuals of Japanese ancestry who were brought forcibly to the US from countries in Latin America during WWII and were interned in the United States to be provided restitution under the Civil Liberties Act of 1988.
H.R. 779

Justice for United States Prisoners of War Act of 2003
To preserve certain actions in Federal court brought by members of the United States Armed Forces held as prisoners of war by Japan during World War II against Japanese nationals seeking compensation for mistreatment or failure to pay wages in connection with labor performed in Japan to the benefit of the Japanese nationals.
H.R. 1703 H.R. 1864

Settlement of Claims for Slave Labor for Japanese Companies during World War II.
To appropriate funds to settle certain claims of US POWs who performed forced or slave labor for Japanese companies during World War II.
S.Amdt. 1300 for H.R. 2658
For full text, go to the H.R. 2658 page and click on either the ‘Engrossed Amendment as Agreed to by Senate’ or the ‘Public Print.’  Look for Title IX on the bottom of the page.  Struck out of final H.R. 2658.

Amendment prohibiting funds to be used by the Department of Justice or the Department of State to file a motion in any court opposing civil actions in which a plaintiff alleges that as an American POW during WWII, he or she was used as slave or forced labor by a Japanese person or corporation.
H.Amdt 291 for H.R. 2799 (Appropriations bill)
(Struck out of final version.)

Congressional call for the Government of Japan to formally issue a clear and unambiguous apology for the sexual enslavement of young women during colonial occupation of Asia and WWII, known to the world as “comfort women.”
H.Con.Res. 226