Coverage of 70th Anniversary of Korean War (Various)

Global Times: “The spirit of CPV soldiers resisting US aggression in Korean War inspires generations of Chinese people”

Global Times: “CPV soldiers confident in young Chinese generations inheriting their spirit”

Global Times: “Gala to mark the 70th anniversary of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea airs on CCTV”

Korean Herald: “S. Korea to mark Korean War anniversary with veterans”

Korean Herald: “S. Korea expresses thanks to Korean War comrade countries”

Korean Herald: “S. Korea awards medals to USFK members to celebrate alliance”

CNN: “The US Army once ruled Pyongyang and 5 other things you might not know about the Korean War”

Xinhua: “People should cherish peace: Korean War veterans”

Chosun Ilbo: “Chinese K-Pop Starlets Wade into Korean War Kerfuffle”

New York Times: “In Xi’s Homage to Korean War, a Jab at the U.S.”

Chosun Ilbo: “Kim Jong-un Visits Cemetery for Fallen Chinese Soldiers”

The Independent: “BTS provoke backlash in China after Korean War comments”